Botticelli  - Wisdom

Botticelli - Wisdom

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Sandro Botticelli set out to make a book unlike any ever seen before. Prompted by a patron and inspired by his own deep love of Dante, the artist planned the fit fully illustrated edition of The Divine Comedy. Palla Athena, the chase Goddess of Wisdom and Patron of the Arts, is portrayed in the painting A Civilizing Force where she holds a guard's halberd and has captured a centaur, a symbol of lust and aggression.

Printed on broadcloth with archival ink before hand-brushing with transparent glaze.

Resin frame. Our frames are selected to enhance the art within. Because we make your print by hand when it is ordered, the frame may vary from that depicted.

Size: 2" x 2 1/2"    (Custom sizes available upon request.)